5 Ways to Use A Meditation Pillow

Meditation Pillow

Getting into a comfortable position in meditation can be really tough but not now as you can find some of the top 5 ways to meditate comfortably by using a simple thing called a meditation pillow. So here are the top 5 ways you can do meditation by using a simple meditation pillow. 

Kneeling with the pillow

The most common position of meditation is the full Lotus pose, but it may not be comfortable for all people who have problems with their legs. So here is a tip that you can use to solve this problem, that is you can use a kneeling position for meditation by using a pillow. In this pose you will use your pillow between your knees and bend your knees backwards so that the pillow fixes in between your knees. But make sure you do not have any discomfort with that position and in case you feel any angel and knee pain you can change that position after a few minutes. Not only burning the fat along the thighs, it will also remove the pressure from your joints and enhance the circulation of the blood even to the toes of your legs in an appropriate manner. So do try this position along with a pillow or a cushion to relax your limbs. 

Simple Cross legged Pose

This is the most simple position that can be tried while meditation and is also equally effective to do. The use of a meditation pillow is important even in this position because it will help your spine to align in a natural and right way. So in this position, you must sit on your pillow, which is on the ground. And just keep your legs in a crossed manner without straining your ankles and knees. The best outcome of this position is your spine alignment. Since most of the people are working professionals, who usually sit on work for longer hours, and develop the problems of backache, spine abnormalities etc. So using a pillow while meditating in a crossed legged position will help you ease your body aches and keep your spine erect. If you are the person who is suffering from a backache due to office work, you must surely try this position by using a comfortable pillow. 

Half Lotus Pose

In your traditional Lotus pose, you will just sit on the flat area on a mat, which often makes you distracted because of the pain it causes while doing meditation. The Half Lotus Pose will immensely help you ease this problem by making your day easier. In this position, you will be sitting on your pillow or a cushion by assuming the cross legged position. And slowly keep your right ankle on the opposite side of the leg. This will ease and relax your hips, knees and ankles and allows you to concentrate more on the meditation and reduce the distractions that usually hit people. Noting the importance of concentration along with the easing of the joints along the legs, this posture can be done on a quarterly or half basis based on your choice. So do try this pose whenever you feel distracted and worried, this will surely help you out. 

Bow shaped position

This pose is used just after a strenuous work or a long hour workout etc. Because this will ease your backache along with giving the effective breathing exercise. In this position, you just need to keep your pillow right below the hip. And you must lean back on this pillow while making your ribcage deeper thus inducing an effective breathing exercise. This is designed to make your exercise longer with respect to the breathing as it will clear your body and mind with a complete sense of relaxation. Since you lean back on the pillow, you will also make your ribcage work effectively and infuse a proper oxygen supply via lungs to the whole part of the body.

Child’s Pose or Children’s Pose

This is the easiest pose only after the cross-legged pose. This is a child’s pose not just because of the pose itself but also because it is a beginner level pose for any meditation enthusiast. In this you will be utilizing your meditation pillow by keeping it right below your head and folding your knees backwards away from the ground. This will ease your thighs as well as help in breathing exercise. If you are a beginner, do try the child’s pose method for better results.