Know About JavaScript Features Both General and Modern

JavaScript is the most used and popular programming language for web development. This language provides developers the functionality to work on a web page and write front-end code. Also, it can manipulate many things such as multimedia content text, images, etc. that appears on the page.

When the Java assignments are challenging, students take Java Assignment Help to get their tasks done precisely and understand the core concept. However, students from programming backgrounds require knowing these features of JavaScript to get their concept clear-

General Features of JavaScript

JavaScript has two main features that are further divided into different attributes. These two features are General and Modern JavaScript features that made it highly popular among the developers. Let’s check out these features in a detailed manner-

  • Greater control

One of the general features of JavaScript is that it provides greater control to the browser. This programming language is not fully dependent on web servers. Thus, the browser will have more autonomy or greater control.

  • JavaScript can add functionality to a variety of browsers
  • It is good for reducing the server load and network traffic.
  • Validates and checks user’s input

Another crucial general JavaScript feature is to validate user input for any sort of errors. There are times when the user makes any error in data input. If the user leaves a required field empty or has mentioned incorrect data, JavaScript will check it before sending the data to the server. JavaScript is also helpful to identify errors and save time.

  • Platform Independent

If there will be any compilation and compatibility issues then JavaScript will eliminate them as it is being interpreted by browsers. Because of this, JavaScript works on Macintosh, Windows, and other Netscape-supported operating systems. Developers can also combine them into any other script that uses JavaScript.

  • Simple Client-side calculations

JavaScript is featured with client-side technology which makes it simple and quick to perform basic calculations on the browser. For the browser, there’s no need to ask for server time for each task. This is considered highly useful if a user has to repeat the calculations.

  • Detection of the user’s browser and operating system

With JavaScript, it’s easy to do the detection of the user’s browser and operating system information. Regardless of the JavaScript compatibility with all platforms, there may be times when people will require the user’s browser to complete a task. This can be helpful while writing code that gives different outputs in different browsers.

  • Modern Features of JavaScript

There are several more features of JavaScript that are listed below-

New Array Functions

The application of array functions is not crucial but it helps developers by simplifying many things easier. The array of functions of JavaScript makes the code easier and more understandable. In JavaScript, both a standard and an associative array are supported. A regular array contains integer values for its index whereas indexes for an associative array can be strings.

  • Let/Const

In JavaScript, two keywords that are “let” and “const” have been added to JavaScript. This mainly is to replace the term “var.” It can be accessed outside of a function even if it is initialized within it.  

  • Template Literal

Another important feature of JavaScript is Template Literal which is common in other programming languages provide. Its functionality is similar and allows you to preserve variables as strings. For most developers, this is a useful tool as it allows them to concentrate on the application’s development than focusing on syntax.

  • Property Shorthand

In the property shorthand feature of JavaScript-

  • The developer will get access to built-in functions such as .get().
  • This assists you in avoiding writing the same code over and over again
  • It also reduces the number of lines of code that you write.

These approaches of JavaScript help eliminate the development time and expense.

  • Arrow Functions

This modern feature of JavaScript is helpful to simplify the syntax. It is also used to reduce the number of lines of code for a web page or app. As there will be a lightweight and simple syntax, codes can be very easily used in anonymous functions in JavaScript.

To wrap up

In recent years, JavaScript has become a popular programming language and is used by most developers. These above mentioned features describe what JavaScript is all about. Have you been assigned JavaScript in your college? Looking for academic solutions and assistance? If yes then consider choosing Assignment Help Australia from LiveWebTutors. They have subject specialists and ensure quality writing of the assignment.