Best Influencer Marketing Platform In India For You To Run Campaigns

Best Influencer Marketing Platform In India For You To Run Campaigns

Social media marketing or influencer marketing is at an all-time peak in India for all the right reasons! Based on a detailed analysis of 2021, about 75% OF GenZ ers and 48% of millennials tend to purchase after seeing social media ads. Social media marketing has seen an impressive boost in recent years in India. This is because of the emergence of the start-up culture. The new age of entrepreneurs uses social media platforms like never before. Influencers are a new addition to this mix. Brands approach influencers in their niche and pay them for endorsements and product mentions, resulting in more conversion for the brand. But which influencer marketing platform in India is the most suited for your products and services? We need to delve deeper into each of the popular social media platforms and explore their scopes. 

Here is what you need to know before zeroing in on a social media platform

Before you choose a social platform to sponsor your influencers on, it is essential to

  1. Define your marketing goals- What is your top destination for your social media marketing efforts? Do you want to increase your traffic website, increase your brand awareness or earn conversions? Once you know the answer to this, it is easier to formulate a strategy.
  2. Identify the niche audience- There is a social media influencer for nearly every niche. It is important to note that specific social platforms are more popular among other demographics. Once you identify your target audience will automatically direct you to suitable influencers that match your requirements.
  3. Determine your budget- Any influencer marketing campaign can be pretty expensive. That is why it is crucial to determine what you are willing to achieve through this, considering your budget limitations.

Pro-Tip: ALWAYS test your marketing results before investing heavily in a particular influencer platform. You can start with signing short contracts with influencers on various social media you are trying and monitor your results. You can renew contracts that perform well and end the other agreements based on that.

Here is an insight into the various social media platforms for the brand’s influencer campaigns

There are a lot of social media platforms with their pros and cons. Also, how your influencer marketing campaign will perform depends mainly on the platform demographic and used cases. Take a look at the various insights of social media platforms.


According to an annual report on “State of Influencer Marketing in India 2021”, Youtube ranked highest among the most used social media platforms even amidst the rise of Instagram and Twitter. An exciting discovery was that although micro-influencers got more endorsements and brand deals, the nano influencers( or very small influencers with a limited following) showed the most engagement. 

Generally speaking, influencers tend to drive the most conversions here. Firstly, long videos from their favourite influencers keep people hooked on the platform for a significantly longer time, which increases the space for organic, integrated ads. Secondly, unlike Instagram or Facebook, 78% of users prefer viewing content on desktops rather than mobile devices, making it easier for users to switch from the platform to your brand’s site in a new tab. This ease results in a higher number of conversions. 

Integrated ads are permanent and baked into the video; hence they continue making conversions for a long time. This makes some Youtubers very expensive since they might charge a lot for their ads. Bottom line- There is the surety of fast and continuous conversions, but it comes at a price! Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Youtube has 2 billion monthly active users from a wide geographical range. Also, the most significant consumer age demographic is 15-35. This proves it has a far wider reach.
  • Youtube being a search engine, it is used for various purposes- entertainment, education, live content etc. This makes it an ideal platform for niche brands and offerings.


Small brands looking for more exposure can easily consider this platform because of its abundance of micro-influencers. There is no limitation as to what type of content can be sponsored. Also, there are a lot of options for cost-effective sponsorship opportunities. When you sponsor Instagram reels or stories, it generates a very low CPV(Cost per View). This is a good start for small businesses since this strategy helps build brand awareness without pinching a hole in your pocket. However, keep in mind that they are less likely to generate sales.

  • GenZ and millennials consist of 2/3rds of Instagram’s user base.
  • The platform is constantly adding new features, which broadens the scope of the content created on the forum. Instagram has started to prioritize video content, making them a competitor of Youtube, but the two platforms remain primarily different. In a way, Instagram is more suited for eCommerce.
  • It is more accessible to partner with micro and nano influencers in comparatively lesser-known niches.


It is a social platform for a slightly older audience where long-form posts are still the norm. This helps brands write long posts explaining their complex products and services. You can easily embed links on posts, improving brand awareness and product conversions. Here are a few more things you need to consider here:

  • About 58.5% of Internet users use Facebook. About 1/3rd (36%) of their audience is 45 or older. 
  • Nowadays, it is primarily a means to keep in touch with friends and family.

So, which one should I choose?

With so many options, developing a suitable influencer marketing strategy can be tricky. However, you can set up a successful influencer brand collaboration in India with the right approach. You have to keep in mind three things- what goals you wish to achieve, your target audience, and your budget. Once you know the answer to these, it will be easier to select your ideal influencer platform. However, experts recommend expanding to other social media platforms as your business grows more prominent. Doing this ensures that you are getting wider exposure. So, which one’s your pick?

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