Are Human Growth and Development Different in Academic Life?

Are Human Growth and Development Different in Academic Life?

We often take human growth and development from the same perspectives. For example, parents tell their children that milk improves human growth and development. You can use both terms together in some cases, but not in all. Scientifically, these two terms have different meanings.

Tips for Growth and Development

1. Growth

According to science, the term growth refers to the increase in size. The increase in size is usually measured in height, weight, age, and other aspects. Biology further narrows down the scope of growth’s definition. In this view, growth refers to an increase in the number of cells forming the body’s organs. In other words, a fundamental function of the body to increase in size is that of growth. Also, growth is a prominent quality that differentiates living things from non-living things. In addition to this, humans experience the following four types of growth;

  • Mental Growth
  • Social Growth
  • Emotional Growth
  • Physical growth

2. Development

In casual terms, development refers to steps needed to meet maturity standards. Development is somewhat different from an increase in body size. It is a lifetime process, and it never ceases with time. But in general, development explains the physical factors for a human’s multi-tasking aspects. Though, at a different phase of life, the factors affecting human development may vary.

Differences between human growth and development

  • Growth measures quantitative characteristics such as height, weight, and length. In contrast, development works through the refinement of qualitative and quantitative processes. For example, the IQ level refers to development instead of growth.
  • Growth means cellular changes. These cellular changes are measurable in terms of physical appearance. It includes changes that turn a child into an adult as well. Rather, development is organisational growth. In short, the environment has a remarkable effect on bringing up a child. For example, the reading habit of the parents governs the child’s reading interest as well.
  • Growth ceases with time. But there is no age limit for skill sets or developmental changes.
  • In general, growth relates to the structural progression with time. Conversely, the development defines many interpersonal skills like that of intelligence. In short, development is the functional progression with time.

As a whole, we can say that growth is dependent on development. But development does not depend on growth. Still, it converges us that human growth and development are two different things. For more differences, you can visit the official website of the dissertation proposal writing service at affordable dissertation. On these platforms, you will find coursework help in the UK through some popular services.  Now let’s discuss the impact of human growth and development on academic life.

Role of growth and development in the academic life of students

  • In terms of growth, human’s academic progress remains independent. As discussed, growth refers to the increase in certain parameters. Let’s discuss height as a growth parameter and its impact on the students’ academic life. The academic scores remain unaffected as the student’s height varies. But if we find the impact of height on extracurricular activities, the results will not be the same. Besides this, according to the current researches, the size of the brain also has a negligible effect on the learning outcomes.
  • As far as the development impact on the student’s academic life is concerned, the scenario becomes different. In contrast to growth, development has a greater impact on academic life. For example, a developmental factor such as the skills-set drastically affects academic achievements. The students with well-developed problem-solving skills score better in the major amplitude assessment tests.
  • Further, many other examples also relate the skillsets with educational outcomes. Let’s consider time management skills. Time management skill is the quality that can help even dull brains to shine. So skillset as a part of the development has a noticeable impact on the academic life. Moreover, habits and IQ also have reported effects on the students’ academic life. You will find coursework help in the UK through some popular services on these platforms.

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We can say that human growth and development profoundly affect academic life. The developmental parameters suppress the academic outcomes of the growth parameters. In simple words, the growth has little or no effects on human academic outcomes (other than a few exceptions). But the impact of development in terms of maturity, habit, and skillset has undebatable consequences.